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Jalalabad College and University

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JCAU is a thriving residential campus and community sitting on 6 acres of lands. Living at BU brings surprises and new experiences every day, in an extraordinary community of creative and accomplished people from around the world. Calendar The Registrar maintains the Academic Calendar of the university. Find out when the semester begins and ends, when exams are scheduled etc Faculties

  • Faculty of Arts, Social Science & Law
    • English
    • Sociology
    • Law
  • Faculty of Science, Engineering & Technology
    • Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)
    • Mathematics
    • Pharmacy
    • Electrical and Electronic Engineering(EEE)
    • Architecture
  • Faculty of Business Administration and Economics
    • Business Administration
    • Economics
  • Departments
    • English
    • Sociology
    • Law
    • Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)
    • Mathematics
    • Pharmacy
    • Electrical & Electronic Engineering (EEE)
    • Architecture
    • Business Administration
    • Economics

    Course Outline

    Each program consists of a number of courses. For example, BBA Program consists of 45 courses. Each course is identified by a course number and course title. The course number consists of two parts - an alphabetical part followed by a three digit number.

    Credit Hours
    Most courses in Bangladesh University are however of three credit hours.


    The academic year of Bangladesh University consists of Tri-semester and Bi-semester Systems.

    The academic year of Tri-semester of BU comprises of three semesters:

  • Spring Semester: January – April
  • Summer Semester: May – August
  • Fall Semester: September - December
  • Grading
    The performance of the students is measured and evaluated throughout the semester. Evaluation methods during the semester includeS quizzes, class tests, class/home assignments, exercises, case analysis and reporting, one or two mid-term exams, etc. End of the semester evaluation include final exam, term papers, project report, thesis, etc.

    Academic Rules and Procedures
    A new student (other than a credit transfer student) is automatically registered in the semester in which he/she gets admitted.. The registration starts usually before the mid-term exams. of a semester. The date/period of registration is announced by the university on the notice boards and website.

    Rules of Class Attendance
    A student is expected to attend all classes in a course. All students are required to be present in at least 70% of the classes including tutorial classes held, to sit for the final examination. For example, if there are 26 classes and 13 tutorial /lab etc. of a course in a semester, the percentage of attendance will be computed out of 39. If a student fails to attend 70% classes of a course, he/she is not allowed to sit for the final exam. It is the responsibility of the students to keep course teachers informed of his/her absences from classes in case of emergencies. Absence in more than 30% of the total number of classes without any application may lead to cancellation of registration of the student in the semester.

    If a student remains absent in three classes, he/she must submit an application to the course teacher and must obtain permission to attend the next class. In the application, he/she must explain the exact reason for remaining absent, not just that he/she was not in a position to attend classes for reasons beyond control or had family problems. However, just applying is not enough - the student must submit authentic documents in support of his/her application. If a student is absent in 6 or more classes, he/she must apply to the Dean of the Faculty.

    Registration Procedures
  • Registration Procedures
  • Details
  • Useful Form
  • Student Schedule Planner Form is used by students to list all of the courses s/he plans to take the courses in next term

  • Make-up Examination
  • Inter Department/Program Change
  • Transfer Credit or Waiver
  • Course Drop/ Replace Form
  • Complete Semester Drop
  • Academic Scheduling and Registration
    Academic scheduling and registration unit is responsible for preparing university wide academic schedule both class and exams, and also manages academic calendar, registration process.

    Methods and Medium of Instructions
    The university follows modern teaching methods including interactive Internet' simulation' lab work' case analysis' and field study. A special feature of Bangladesh University teaching is the workshop/lab sessions designed to assist students in learning application of concepts and theories. The medium of instructions in Bangladesh University is English.

    Residential Hostels
    Two halls, one for boys students and another for girls students, respectively located at Adabor and Mohammadpur Campus are made available as residential accommodation of the students.

    Student conduct
    Students should also keep from plagiarism, eve teasing, bullying, sexual harassment, unfair means in the examination, misbehaving with the teachers & staffs, destroying the assets of the campus, any kind of theft/stealing, any kind of fighting, any kind of political activism, violation of rules, using a fake visitor’s profile, socially unaccepted relationships with other students, entrance in the opposite gender’s dorms, leaving the campus without permission, racism, use of slang, gambling, viewing adult movies, smoking in the non-smoking area, writing on walls or bringing any kind of arms onto the campus. Strict action will be taken on any student transgressing these rules.